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My first question would be do you know how to use the guns that you have? If you are good to go with the guns you have then that is half the battle. Only you know the answer to that.

The shot gun you have can you hunt with it? Can any one in your party use it? In short can you hit a running rabbit with it? The shot gun is what most people will use for small game. Many will also use it for H.D. I have a 11 87 12 gage that I have three barrels for, one for birds, one rifled for deer and the police barre for H.D. I keep the police barrel on it till I need it for hinting. I have two cases for birds and one case of 7.5 for small game, 200 rounds of number four buck and 200 rounds of slugs. I also have molds to make more slugs.

Your 308 can you keep 5 shots in a one inch group at 100 yards? This rifle could stop some one before they get to close or are trying to snipe you or yours. You need to be able to reach out and hit some one with it. Or some one in your party needs to be able to. I have three such rifles. Two 243 Winchesters and one 308 Winchester. They all have scops on them and I can keep them less than an inch at one hundred yards and so can my son.

Hand guns are very personal. Some will tell you you don't need this or that. The real question is can you or your party hit any thing with the ones you have? If you and yours can't use the hand guns you have you and they need to train. With a hand gun you need to be able to hit some thing from your window of your house to the street. If that is 100 yards you don't need a hand gun you need more rifles. If it is 100' then you need to learn to hit at 100'.

Now what is the house made of. If you stand at a window and shoot out of it will the guy shooting back be able to shoot you by shooting low on the window and his round comes through the wall? In short is your house brick or frame? That is some thing you need to fix if you really think you may have to have a shoot out to keep your home. What is the front and back doors made out of? Do you have a safe room that every one can run to and defend from there? There are a lot of things to think about to survive a gun fight and a lot of ways to go about it. Running to the back 100 puts you and yours out in the open. Not a good idea.

Your concern about your guns is fine. I would be more concerned with food, water and a way to make my home more bullet proof. Try and have a plan that you shoot the bad guy inside your home after he brakes in.

Last but not least don't let every one around you know what you have. If you end up with a years supply of food, that is between you and yours. Then no one knows to come to your house and try and take it.

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