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Originally Posted by KalashniKEV View Post
If I showed up in your house and made you live in the hallway coat closet, how would you feel?

What about if you complained about it and our burly neighbor from the next town over showed up, knocked the hell out of you, and put a case of beer in the fridge, while you get fed table scraps in the dark?

It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
So oppressed they are represented in Israeli government?

Represented in Israel's Supreme Court?

You know so little yet you always have to "try" to put your .02 cents in the conversation when it comes to Israel, the Palestinians have it better in Israel than they would have in any Arab country. BTW I don't remember seeing your posts against the massacre of Syrians by Assad, remind me of your outrage about that.

Waiting for DanaT to put in his meaningless opinion as well as mentioning the autobahn and Porsche.

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