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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
I am not a fan of +P loads in 45acp either, too little gain for the add'l. recoil & slower, accurate follow up shots, especially in small/ltwt guns. Std pressure rounds form 185gr-230gr work fine.
BTW, most avg men are 12" from shoulder to heart on an oblique shot. Never assume your target is going to give you a clear frontal shot. Even then, good chance a forearm is going to catch that bullet first. Now make it a bigger than avg attacker, add all that up & you can see why a 12" min. is what the FBI settled on. DOes that mean a 10" penetration doesn't get it done, maybe, maybe not.
Also remember that breaking the skin requires more penetration than it's thickness would seem to indicate. I recall reading from a respected expert that it was the equivalent of 4" of bare ballistics gel penetration to get through the skin.
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