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Originally Posted by Syclone538 View Post
I've never seen one, and I've looked. The closest I've seen is to have a fixed choke barrel drilled and tapped for rem choke, or have the 870 tactical ghost ring sight barrel drilled and tapped for a rear rifle sight. (Though I'm not 100% sure the front sight is the same.)

Buying a barrel then having it drilled and tapped seems like a lot to shorten up my gun by 1.5". Though I'm sure I'll do it eventually.
There is this one.
Remington Barrel Remington 870 12 Gauge 3" 18-1/2" Modified Choke with Tritium Rifle Sights Parkerized
But it doesn't look like the chokes are screw in.

Then there is Remington Slug Barrel Remington 870 Special Purpose 12 Gauge 3" 20" Rem Choke with Rifled Choke, Rifle Sights Matte

I am beginning to think that I have the second barrel and replaced the rifled choke with a modified I had. As a side note the rifled choke was not bad with the saboted slugs at the time, but I wanted a do it all shotgun, not a deer only shotgun.
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