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Originally Posted by geofri View Post

I'd be sick of Christmas before Thanksgiving was even here!
I'll level with ya. Mrs. C has these ladies she hires to come decorate for the seasons. The kicker is these ladies book up so Mrs. C has to get a spot on their calendar. This year her spot is this week which is too damn early. I have to have everything ready for when they get here.

This house has 13' ceilings. The first year we lived here she bought a live 13' tree. My dad and I had to haul it in. If that thing wasn't 350lbs of sap and pine needles it wasn't a pound. It about killed us. Now she's got an artificial tree and I lose my religion trying to get it all hooked up and assembled. Had to assemble it twice tonite to get it right. I hope baby Jesus had his earmuffs on for that. It was supposed to be a 12' tree but the top foot or so curves up against the ceiling so I don't know what their plan is for that.

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