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Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post
Call LMT. They will tell you exactly what I said.

You may get away with it in some rifles or may not. But my guess would be you are running it on the edge of reliability and when things get dirty or close to being out of spec it adds up.

Maybe not. I could be wrong. Been wrong before.

Honestly, Your BCG should still run with one screw tight as the key should still be tight against the carrier. But again, maybe not.
It's not running. I can't *feel* any play in the key, but it's definitely not running. Bolt moves, just refuses to feed or lock back on empty.

As for the LMT bit, I was already considering dropping it to a Carbine carrier as a test. Once I get the BCM carrier un-buggered, I still plan to try it. Until the carrier failure, though, it was running perfectly even on Tula .223 with an H2 buffer.

Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
Well I guess I can't say I've never heard of a BCM failure. Let us know how they handle it.
It's a first for me, too. Hoping to hear back from them by e-mail tomorrow.
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