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In a SHTF type scenario, my Go-To guns will be my Glocks and my AR-15. The simple reason is they have proven to me that they will function dirty, take some of the most common ammunition out there. 40cal, and 5.56/.223, and have the highest magazine capacity.

I guess if I owned a mash-up of different guns/calibers, my opinion may be different, but I've selected each purchase with a purpose. There's only been a couple of them that I bought just for the heck of it.

You may want to make the determination as to whether:
A: You truly have the right mix of firearms for what you plan to happen.
B: You do not have the right mix, but you are trying to justify to yourself why they are the right mix of guns for your purpose.

If B is the answer, there could be different reasons for why your collection is the way it is, such as you acquired them prior to your SHTF plans, or you listed every gun in the house, including some of the guns that other people in your home own.

I will say from personal experience, there's nothing wrong with having some toys to play with, but my toys aren't part of my plan, they are just that, my toys. My home defense plan includes only a couple of guns. If I need to adapt to a hunting scenario instead of a defense scenario, that's where my hunting rifle comes in with one of my pistols.

I guess what I'm getting at is, it doesn't seem like you have a lot of ammo for any of the guns in your plan besides the .22. You've got a collection of firearms, without much thought to how fast you can blow through the ammo when it comes down to it. The bad thing is, you can't carry and shoot all 9 guns at once, you can only shoot one. You may want to consider consolidating your collection to something a little more manageable, and if you sell some of them, use the proceeds to get some ammo!!

Of course, if money isn't tight, keep the guns you have (I hate selling my guns!!) and invest in more ammo for the guns in which you have a strategic plan.

I live in a densely populated area, so my focus is on home/personal defense, with the next most important thing being the ability to hunt for food. With this in mind, I have a lot of ammo for my AR, and only a couple hundred rounds for my 30-30, since the AR would typically be sending a lot of ammo down range at once, while hunting for food would (Hopefully, HA!) mean one round of ammo would = one kill.

In a perfect world, I would hope to see at least a minimum of a thousand rounds of ammo for each gun. Not each caliber, each gun, so if you have 2 guns that are 9mm, then you need at least 2,000 rounds of 9mm. But my numbers aren't there yet either, but it's just what I hope to acquire.
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