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Originally Posted by njl View Post
PD = Precision Delta
Precision = Precision Bullets
Precision != PD

Precision Bullets is another moly coated lead manufacturer. They may be one one of the first/oldest. I know they were selling their coated lead bullets long before I started reloading...with the marketing claim that you could drill a hole in their bullet, put it on a hot plate, and watch the lead run out and coating remain intact / shrivel in as it empties out.

At case pricing ($227/3000 delivered) Precision 147s are $75.60/1000. I'll probably try a box of 500 before jumping in for 3000.
I'm aware of the the Precision moly bullet manufacturer.

Many others on here aren't, and will simply refer to "Precision" when talking about PD.

If I'm talking about Precision, the moly manufacturer, I make sure to mention moly to clarify.

Plus, we had just been discussing PD vs Bear Creek, when you just mentioned Precision, I thought you were still talking about PD.
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