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Originally Posted by rdstrain49 View Post
I suspect that anybody who has been through the FBIs armorer school would not agree that working on S&W revolvers not difficult, to do right that is. Can you take apart, probably. Can you put it together, possibly. Can you do both without creating a problem and or doing damage, only you can answer. If you don't know factory specs., have the correct tools (not just screwdrivers) and have the training/skills, just leave it alone.
I was a USAF equivalent to an armorer. I worked on S&W model 15's and other small arms for 9 years. And I can take them apart all day long with a screwdriver, padded pliers and a dental pick to help with the small springs if you take it down to nothing. You are not machining anything. All you're doing is taking it apart and putting it back together. If you have any mechanical aptitude at all and can follow directions it is not hard. Forbid the owner may learn something about his firearm.

On the otherhand. It is good that some people can identify and live within their own constraints.

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