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Originally Posted by RWBlue View Post
Supply and demand.

When I can higher a high school dropout to do a job for minimum wage with no benefits and have them lining up around the block for the job, I don't see a need to pay any more than minimum wage. (If minimum wage in MX is .80 plus 2 meals, that is the minimum.)

Then tack on if I can move the job to a place where it costs less to manufacture my good and ship it to the end client I will.

Now, the question becomes how much should import taxes be on the product. Should we limit the importation of ammunition and arms from China to protect our gun industry? How about cars, lets stop the importation of complete cars?

What you are talking about is socialism. You should be happy the election turned out the way it did.
no RW Blue, I am in Alabama and I can assure you I voted Romney.

I'm just saying that all these companies who do this in Mexico would do the same in the U.S. if they could. And I'm asking if you are too stupid to understand.
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