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About (I don't know? 35 years ago) I had an ejector rod come loose. I remember that I spotted it right away. How I'm not exactly sure; I think I just pushed on it. Anyway, you know how people on here are always getting themselves in trouble with Dremel Tools? Well, not me. I'm fine with Dremel Tools; it's the damned Loctite that always screws me up.

I will agree, however, that this is a parts assembly that almost never has to come apart. I've got a number of 30 year old Smiths around here that haven't had their ejector rods ever taken out. Then again I've got one or two that have.

The last time I got in trouble with Loctite it cost me $90.00 to get the part machined loose. Like I said, I'm not a big fan of either, 'blue' #242, or, 'red' #277 Loctite. I try to avoid using the both of them whenever I can. (On Glock front sights, too.)
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