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Originally Posted by Arc Angel View Post
Don't you think that IF it were the extractor rod, he'd have noticed that the extractor, 'star' is loose?

NOTE: If you are overcome with a sudden desire to use Loctite on the ejector rod, at least, have the uncommon good sense to use, 'purple' Loctite #222. Me? I wouldn't do it.
The whole assembly is threaded together and under spring tension. As the extractor rod loosens it lengthens the entire assembly causing difficulty in opening. If it backs out too far the cylinder won't open. Unless it is completely unscrewed the extractor won't come loose.

Again, I see no problem in using loctite on an extractor rod that won't stay tight. I would not use the red. This is not a part that needs disassembled for routine cleaning and maintenance.
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