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Originally Posted by MB-G17 View Post
The best store in the bay area I've been to is Canyon Sports in Martinez. Very friendly staff and impressive inventory. I just bought a Glock from them and be coming back often.
Screeech!!!!! Whoa... That store is without a doubt, one of the two worst gun stores I have ever been to... Unless they got rid of that hypocritical thief pot-smoking cellulite packing liar with the SS tattoo on his arm, my assessment stands. I have plenty of my own reasons, but if you must find out for yourself, check Yelp! Last I checked, it was a bit dated, but the negative comments mirrored my own experiences.

Good stores are J&R in Livermore, Reed's in Santa Clara, Valkyrie in Santa Clara (formerly in Milpitas...and they do Single Shot Exemptions), Bay Area Gun Vault in Mountain View, City Arms East in Pleasant Hill, Targetmasters in Milpitas, and some others of which I will remember later.

Canyon used to be good...but that was a long time ago.
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