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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
You keep quoting from another thread... hilarious
They are your words, are they not? Do you stand by them, or do you abandon them?

The only thing possibly hilarious is my expecting you to provide something now that you have been asked to provide since summer 2011. Actually it's more sad than hilarious.

Anyway, you continue to make the same assertion in this thread...
All the BELIEVABLE research, based on empirical scientific data, I could find indicates that stars cannot form by themselves.

Given all this believable research, why are you so reluctant to provide any? Is it perhaps because your previous attempts at supporting it by citing Boyle's Law, D.B. Larson and Martin Harwit were all readily shot down for not supporting your conclusion.

Given that you consider Boyle's Law and gases not collapsing on earth to support your argument that gases cannot collapse in space, you'll have to understand if I question your ability to determine what is BELIEVABLE. Is there any chance that you can share these scientific papers that draw the conclusion that stars cannot form -- it sounds like they're everywhere.

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