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Originally Posted by rdstrain49 View Post
NOOOOO, the newer ones are right hand thread. DO NOT use any kind of thread locker. Use an extractor rod wrench ONLY to tighten or loosen an extractor rod on any revolver.

Check the face of the cylinder for a build up of lead. If the cylinder has been slapped shut such as seen on TV, damage to the frame is likely and can not be repaired.

Not advisable to take a S&W revolver apart beyond removing the crane and cylinder. These are not Glocks with drop in parts. Every part with the exception of the hammer block is hand fit.
S&W revolvers have had LH threaded extractor rods since the late 1950's Prior to that they were RH threads.

OP, I would check mine out in the following order.

Check for a loose extractor rod. If loose tighten it counter clockwise. If the problem recurs I see no problem using a little blue loctite. I've used pliers well padded with rag to snug them up with no ill effect.

Look for dirt or unburnt powder under extractor star. Clean if needed. An air compressor is real handy if you have one.

Check the forcing cone for fowling and clean.

Open the cylinder and spin it, look to see if the extractor rod wobbles. If so it is bent, a cheap and easy part to replace.

Videos on youtube can show you how to disassemle.

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Not difficult at all if you can follow instructions and pay attention to detail. Do buy yourself a good set of hollow ground screw drivers before doing so. That way you won't bugger up your screws.
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