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Originally Posted by LA_357SIG View Post
The sky is falling?

But anyway, I had to replace a gas key when I dropped it (a BCG) on a cement floor. I used new bolts and rockset that came with my AAC suppressor mounts. The reason I bring this up, is my clumsiness has given me an opportunity to test this staking debate. I put a little over 500 rounds through so far with no malfunctions. I only wish I would have made witness marks to have definite proof of if the bolts were unscrewing.

You have any interest in testing an unstaked gas key? Or try DSArms "key lock" gas key? Or are you content with staking?

If it gets fixed on my dime/headache, it's getting done right, and done overboard. Fortunately, I'll be seeing just the man for the job next weekend.

Then again, I get the feeling that BCM will be making it right.
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