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Originally Posted by ron59 View Post

For PDs 147gr 9mm, looks like even if you buy 10,000 at once, they're still $101 per 1000 whereas Bear Creek is $75ish for just 1000. That's over $25 per 1000 saved. For every 3000 Bear Creek you shoot, there's a free 1000 bullets. I don't see that as "similar" at all?

If you don't shoot 147grainers but something else like 124/115.... you have to get the Bear Creek price to do a proper comparison, don't use my $75 number for them.

Bear Creek gives a 5% discount when you buy 10,000, 10% at 25K.
PD = Precision Delta
Precision = Precision Bullets
Precision != PD

Precision Bullets is another moly coated lead manufacturer. They may be one one of the first/oldest. I know they were selling their coated lead bullets long before I started reloading...with the marketing claim that you could drill a hole in their bullet, put it on a hot plate, and watch the lead run out and coating remain intact / shrivel in as it empties out.

At case pricing ($227/3000 delivered) Precision 147s are $75.60/1000. I'll probably try a box of 500 before jumping in for 3000.
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