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Originally Posted by .264 magnum View Post
If memory serves Apple has ~900,000,000 shares outstanding. And by now maybe $150,000,000,000 in cash and near cash in the bank - mostly overseas I might add. The company by any sane metric is having one of the best years of any big company ever. I think a number of big players have equity positions in Apple and they are talking the stock down as hard as they can. Why? Because these guys love to own a stock and short it when the winds blow against a good stock. So they make money as it tanks. And they make money as the stock improves later on. I've done this myself in a tiny way.

I'm close to buying some more.

It'll be interesting to see what happens.
True enough.

Apple came out of nowhere (generally speaking) with the iPod, then the iPhone and then the iPad. They rocketed to pop culture popularity and the stock followed suit. I just don't think it has the staying power to remain as high as it has been.

As I said I have a been a Apple geek since 1986 when I fired up my Apple IIc, I wish them continued success but just not sure they can maintain this rocket climb to the top.
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