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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
Sorry but outside of penetration, I don't see what the 10mm does that the .40 doesn't already do for all practical purposes.

For self defense, I don't need more than the .40 S&W or the .45 ACP.

For the woods, I want more that what the 10mm has to offer.

It's a good cartridge in it's own right but I can't justify the cost and recoil when the .40 or .45 does everything I need them to do without the cost, recoil, bulk, and the sever potential for over penetration.

To sum it up, my personal feeling on the 10mm is it's too much for the two legged critters and too little for the four legged ones. Too much in one case and not (or barely) enough in the other. I just never saw what the 10mm could do for me that cartridges slightly larger or slightly smaller couldn't do already.

The 10mm was a solution in search of a problem and was more of a bastard round than the .40 S&W IMHO.

I am always amazed how the 10mm has the love/hate thing going. Few folks in the middle.

As for me, I like my G20SF and actually chose this over a 45, also owning 9 mm and 40 SW. The 10mm pistols are really no bigger than the 45's and not really much more expensive to shoot either, biggest issue is ammo is harder to find. Last time I checked, G20 and G21 were about same price too and far less than a decent 1911.

I picked the 10 over 45 as it has more options in a single platform. Can run a wider range of bullet weghts than either 40 or 45 and factory loads range from 40 power to near nuke loads from Underwood. I have found the G20 also shoots 40 bulk ammo you can buy at Walmart and after using this hundreds of times have yet to have it fail to function. Recoil, even with the hottest loads, is managable and muzzle blast is far less than a 4 inch 357 or 44.

I am a better shot with the G20 than my other choices which would make me lean towards this for HD. 165 Gold Dots at about 1400 fps seem like a reasonable choice for this duty. The G23 is a better CCW choice but if I could I would swap it for a G29. (they also function with 40 ammo)

There are lots of bastard rounds out there that have their fans. Besides 10 mm there is the 38 Super, 9x25 Dillon, 45 Super, 45-08 and newest on the block 460 Rowland. I am considering the 9x25 next, mostly as it is different. Each to his own.
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