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Originally Posted by malleable View Post
IMO this thread has ran it's course, and then become a lynch mob.
Obviously the targeted individual has mental issues.
He was on the ropes, KO'd long ago, and is still being taunted.
This is not professional behavior.
I would say not. I had taken devils advocate on this after he showed and attempted to defend himself.
If he has the creds, its past time to get them verified through Eric. Now his (supposed) MMA
career is being laid out to be a sham.

Because he decided to show here and face the onslaught of poser/wackerdom its on HIM.

It appears his levels of deception are deep. Too add on the topic of riding the coat tails of LODD in attempt to say he is a cop, leo or whatever is shady. If he isn't po-lice, then its UNFORGIVABLE.

Mental issues be damned, the truth is the truth and let it be heard.

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