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Originally Posted by HollowHead View Post
How so? HH
Under Ireland's socialized medical system, the government will reimburse the hospital and doctor for treatment of any injuries she sustains as a result of the miscarriage, but not for performing an abortion absent a demonstratable threat to the mother's life.

For the hospital, the decision to abort or not when the pregnant woman originally came in complaining of back pain came down to "If we abort now and the government beauacracy disagrees that her life was in peril, we don't get paid. If we ride out the miscarriage and hope for the best, we get full reimbursement."

The socialized reimbursement system adds a financial incentive and beaurocratic angle to what would otherwise be a matter of discussion strictly between the doctor and a medical review board on whether the doctor acted appropriately and her life was in danger.

Edited to add: Don't take this post as implying that Ireland's strict anti-abortion law is defensible. I don't believe it is. I'm just pointing out that the socialized medicine aspect does play a role in such cases.
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