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Originally Posted by 4949shooter View Post
It's like that 180 grain Underwood test tnoutdoors did. The Gold Dot completely expanded, and the petals bent all the way back with the jacket almost separating from the core. I am sure that bullet expanded past its limit, and the velocity of the Underwood load kept it driving deeper into the test media.

I have thought about what you speak of too. I often wonder how much deeper the Underwood 200 XTP will be driven as compared to the Hornady 200 grain load.
I would guess it would drive that sucker pretty deep. As you know, the core on the XTPs are stout. Pretty much seems to me that the petals are on their own so to speak. I think the faster you drive it the petals will either try harder to lay flat giving way to some deep penetration. I wouldn't use it on people that's for certain.
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