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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
Sorry but outside of penetration, I don't see what the 10mm does that the .40 doesn't already do for all practical purposes.

For self defense, I don't need more than the .40 S&W or the .45 ACP.

For the woods, I want more that what the 10mm has to offer.

It's a good cartridge in it's own right but I can't justify the cost and recoil when the .40 or .45 does everything I need them to do without the cost, recoil, bulk, and the sever potential for over penetration.

To sum it up, my personal feeling on the 10mm is it's too much for the two legged critters and too little for the four legged ones. Too much in one case and not (or barely) enough in the other. I just never saw what the 10mm could do for me that cartridges slightly larger or slightly smaller couldn't do already.

The 10mm was a solution in search of a problem and was more of a bastard round than the .40 S&W IMHO.
Well, I've replied to you in another thread on nearly the same thing so I won't repeat it here too much...but I'll cover a few different points.

I understand that you test your ammo, I don't know how or what you do for testing. It would seem to me that if you can't see any difference between the other calibers you mention besides penetration, I would only guess that you may not be shooting enough stuff. Whether it's water jugs, magazines, car parts,'s been my experience the 10mm flat out stands above the others you've mentioned with authority. Here again, this is just an assumption and I won't pretend to know what you do for testing. My tests are not scientific in the least but I do not form my opinions of the 10mm capabilities on my tests, or any one test alone.

On another note, in reference to your post regarding the .357 mag. You would think it would be hard to argue the 10mm ballistic capabilities when it's toting the same numbers or better than the King of stopping. The .357 did this with antiquated bullet design which had a strong tendency to fragment. I know you like published street data for backing but damn, sometimes a freight train is a freight train.
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