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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
CCI .22lr is awesome.

Stingers and Velocitors would not be my choice for the range due to lack of accuracy. Mini Mags have enough oomph to run even dirty semi autos, virtually never fail to fire (mine never have), and are reasonably accurate.

CCI Standard Velocity is a good inexpensive target round, especially if you get the stuff packaged in the less expensive boxes vs the expensive plastic.

Federal seems to be the better bulk pack. I understand Remington upgraded theirs, but I refuse to buy it after they marketed the absolute POS that was the "Golden Bullet" for so long.

Wolf Match Target is an excellent target round for the money.
Totally agree.

For me, the CCI Mini Mag is the standard by which I judge other ammos; if your gun doesn't shoot at least 'good' with mini mags, there's probably something wrong with the gun.
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