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Originally Posted by quake View Post
Good analogy.

I (and probably most of us) have more guns than we really need; but if push came to shove we'd almost always be better off picking the one or two that can solve the most, and most important, problems. That means we have to be very proficient with those, very comfortable with them, and very well setup/stocked with everything needed to feed, operate and maintain them; enough so that we're comfortable sticking with them when stuff's on the line.
Well, I can see both sides or to put is a different way I don't like the idea if pushed to either extreme.

If I handed someone a tricked out Remington 870 and a second barrel. This is the ultimate one gun arsenal IMHO. Good for hunting and personal protection from squirrels to Grs. Bear. It can take everything in the world if used correctly, BUT man it would suck hunting antelope in Wyoming especially if the other hunters were using Rem M700 in 270 with scopes.

The flip side is the people who have 300 or 500 different guns. There is no time to learn all the different intricacies of each gun.

I think the above list is complete, but as stated above I don't have all of those guns covered. For other areas, I have multiples as I continue to find something better.
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