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Originally Posted by di11igaf View Post
You have no idea how it works now your grasping at straws. The hall has a list of guys available for work. Most union construction workers go from contractor to contractor, job to job. Sometimes its personnel preference, sometimes a job winds down where it doesn't need 100 guys any more, they go on the list. Another contractor needs 50 guys for a few months tomorrow, the ones who have been out the longest get called first. If it so happens our particular local is currently at full employment, we call one of our sister locals, get manpower from them. The reverse applies, if I've been out for a few weeks, and no calls get to me, I can take a call anywhere in the US if I want.
Some calls may last a day, some 10 years, the member has the option to take or deny calls, but the call will always get filled. Nice try on 'limiting- labor' that makes no sense. Why would we limit what labor a contractor has access to when they are the ones who pay us. We KNOW the contractor must succeed for us to work. If they absolutely need guys for a job we wouldn't risk losing that job or the contractor so we could create a false labor shortage. It would be the opposite, they have access to as much as they need. This is a quick explanation there's obviously more to it that only this, but that's the jist of it
Some guys wait for overtime calls, work six months or 8 months, make 100k then take the rest off. Some guys hate overtime and avoid calls that ask for it. Some guys want summer off, some winter, some work 40's year round. Some like to travel to other states and work while they're there.
Are you one of the IBEW brothers who works to elect democrat politicians who seek to pass gun laws?
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