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Originally Posted by pasky2112 View Post
Underwood uses a 24# spring...he told me. He shoots hot all the time, so I'd imagine. I use a 22# SS rod/spring. Works great in both worlds.
DT does as well. It gives a few more FPS as the extra weight delays the unlocking a fraction of a fraction of a second. When I shot alot of hot 10mm I found 21# (G29) and 22# (G20) were plenty for the most powerful loads. The 24# G20 and 23# G29 springs returned diminishing results in my experience. Lighter springs really do result in less recoil, especially muzzle flip but more frame battering. There is more battering when slide go's back to battery with heavier springs though. If stock is 17-18#, a 22# spring is 20-25% heavier. Plenty for two well-designed pistols with very heavy slides by any standards.
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