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Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post
Do not base your decision on what looks cool in a picture thread.

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Originally Posted by bmoore View Post
I was literally just getting ready to type that. Shoot a bunch first, you will find out what you want/need. I am guilty of doing that as a noob, quad rail, vert grip, light with a pressure switch, junk opitc................lol.

Now I have an MOE handguard with an impact weapons light mount. Its what works for me.
How does one covet? By seeing things with your own eyes. The OP has to start somewhere in getting a feel for what is out there. If a complete noob looks through those pictures, they can see all of the different manufacturers, models, accessories, configurations, optics, etc., etc.

THEN, they can ask some questions here in a thread, clarifying what they're looking at. There's no way to make a purchase decision without looking at what is out there, to have some ideas on what you're interested in.

Have at it OP, look through all those pictures. Find what appeals to you, then ask some clarifying questions here in your thread. We're here to answer whatever questions you have. And, take some time to really consider exactly how you are going to use your new AR.
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