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Unions going on strike is just a form of extortion. Let them rot.

We had a family owned trucking company here. Good place to work and took good care of everyone and competitive pay for this area.

Teamsters union came in and organized them. Got everyone worked up because the pay was not as high as some east coast states even though the cost of living was far less here. On an adjusted basis the wages were about the same. Then they demanded a benefits package that was unheard of and and driving schedules that basically made it impossible to move any trucks because everyone was at home instead of driving.

It came to a head one night at the terminal building. Owners accountants presented the company budget and showed what they were asking for was impossible. The union reps got everyone to strike and they sat outside the gates essentially locking the owners inside.

A few hours later the owners came out and announced the company existed in name only. All contracts, inventory, rolling stock and property had been sold. The employees were told they would need to find other jobs.

Union reps told them what a good job they had done, standing up to management and then just left.
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