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Originally Posted by 4Rules View Post
Heavy trigger (with a capital-H), heavy weight, heavy recoil for caliber, sharp edges, low capacity, tiny sights, and a slide mounted "safety" decocker. You really have to own one to understand why they're obsolete.

No thanks.
1) weight can be a plus in regards to shooting accurately, and it's steel. Steel tends to weigh more than plastic.
2) i admit, straight out of the box, the recoil is a bit higher than expected. Throw some Pachmayrs on it and it's GTG.
3) low capacity: not for a single-stack. That makes it thinner.
4) sharp edges: so?
5) tiny sights: all pocket pistols have tiny sights.
6) slide safety: i will have to agree 100% here. I hate that damn thing.

So no, it is not a perfect gun, and yes, parts of it are indeed obsolete. However, they are no more obsolete than the 1911.
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