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Originally Posted by Glock 1 View Post
Glock 21SF – 50rds
2 Glock 26’s – 450 rds
Bersa 380 – 300 rds
S&W 38 Sp revolver - 100 rds
AR-15 - 400 rds
20 ga double barrel Shotgun – 225 rds
.308 bolt action rifle – 60 rds
.22lr M&P rifle – 11,000 rds

What ammo quantity would you add and in what order of importance? I know some numbers are very low but its only recent. I also just got all my 22 in today since its really all I can afford to take to the range now. That is why that number is kinda high.

Are there any other caliber weapons I should have on hand? I already have a AK, 357 revolver w/4” barrel, Glock 23, Glock 17, Mossberg 930SPX, and S&W M&P .22lr pistol on the must have list...
Imo, a lot of good advice above on guns to switch ‘from & to’, but it might (might) be more efficient to work with what you’ve got, at least for the most part.

You’ve got three very-good, first-line defensive handguns in the glocks. I’d add more magazines as have been said, including some 15- or 17-rounders for the G26’s with A&G grip adapters, giving them full-size capacity. Any one of those three makes you as well-armed handgun-wise as most cops or soldiers; and you’ve got three of them.

Not sure about the .38 revolver. Is it large, small, snubnose, target-barrel…? It might fill one (or more) of several roles.

You’ve got one decent semi-deep concealment gun with the .380 bersa. Not ideal size-wise compared to the new & uber-small options like an LCP & such nowadays, but it wasn’t many years ago that that was “the” size for a ccw .380 automatic. No reason it wouldn’t still fill that role as well as it used to. Frankly, 300 rounds might be fine for that. I’d want more, but that’s want, not need.

For long guns, the AR is a fine platform. Make sure you & the others know how to use it, have a good sling (VERY important imo), backup sights if you’re using optics, and at least a handful of extra magazines (quality magazines; either GI or magpul for my personal opinion). As much ammo as you can swing after other priorities are met, but the 400 would be absolute bare minimum imo. I’d want several times that.

Shotgun – weak there. May be a great gun, but two shots is just two shots. Maybe pick up a $250 20-gauge pump to go along with it..?

I’d get more ammo for the .308, but that’s just me. Even if it were mediocre ammo and not premium stuff; I’d want more than 60 rounds for it.

On .22’s, I’d REALLY look into another rifle or two. A handgun would be nice, but you’ve already got five handguns, so a .22 handgun would be a low priority for me in your situation. Catch marlin 795‘s or such on sale for $125-$150 and buy two of them along with several spare magazines for each, and that’s a pretty cheap option for greatly (imo) improving your position in regards to small game hunting and unskilled or semi-skilled operator use.

JMO. Everyone’s opinion and situation will be different.
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