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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
De nada. No really, it's like high school science stuff. I think that rat guy on Beakman's world even did a demonstration once on the 3 types of heat distribution.
Originally Posted by Gunhaver
... Only radiant heat (infrared radiation) can travel through a vacuum. ...
This is precisely my point, as I have had this debate several times before.

There is no mechanism for the first star ever (I am speaking of the numero uno ORIGINAL star) to form given the tenets and posits of the Big Bang and or the Oscillating Universe theories. The first star has been created solely by faith from minds/hearts of the evos.

Yet, as stellar evolution prescribes, new stars form due to matter created from existing stars, by reverse engineering the big bang, you ultimately come to a point of the first ever star forming, and this is a completely impossible event based on empirical scientific study/understanding.

So knowing, if you cannot get a first star, then there are no subsequent stars. Period. ETA: Everything beyond the origin, be it from evos or Christians, is always going to come from their respective presuppositions of the origin, which these are based on faith and faith alone.
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