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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
They are the ultimate prep item. Shelf life of 120 years and a good source of calories in stressful times.

Twinkies and Ding Dongs will be currency in SHTF.

Ding Dongs are better strategically because there are 2 to a pack, so you can make change. However, Twinkies are lighter.

If you can't bribe your way past a government checkpoint with a coupla Ding Dongs you just ain't gettin past.

Arise Little Debbie, harlot of creamie filling temptation, pre diabetic coma and carbohydrate rapaciousness and assume your rightful place as ruler of the morbidly obese ...your path is clear...

All Hail Little Debbie....
Avenge me...AVENGE ME!
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