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Originally Posted by Akita View Post
Keep the 22, then decide on 1 rifle and 1 pistol, sell the rest and convert proceeds into ammo and mags. I recommend the AR or the AK and the Glock. If you need to arm a sig other, duplicate the rifle and pistol.

This advice is viable ONLY to someone unsure enough to ask the question on this forum, so the rest of you knowitalls, please dont bother to try to argue with me.
I really don't totally agree or disagree with you.
I think 1 Pistol and 1 rifle is not enough but also think that people focus to much on Tactical gear to much too.
And I don't mean this as a hobby that gear is fine and ones choice but for prepping there are way more important items to concentrate on then so much gear.

So I'm sort of in between of what you say and believe that every person in your group or family should have 2 handguns a good larger caliber rifle or even as little as 1 Tactical rifle like a AR, AK or SKS or Pistol caliber Carbine strictly for defensive purpose.
Past that point I look at other guns for more survival in mind but could be dual purpose.
a couple of 22lr rifles as they can be used for both even the merits can be argued for both sides but pound for pound on economics it gives you the biggest bang for the buck and also when considering weight.
The same goes for a shotgun as a dual purpose but I could see myself leaving behind if I had too.
And lastly a straight up long distance / hunting rifle like 30-06 or anything in that same weight caliber.
Also something that could be sacrifice if needed to be.

If pressed to be able to only to take 2 I would take one handgun with ample ammo and a .22lr with loads of ammo and would feel okay about it but rather had 2 of each.

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