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Report after first range visit with a G20

Grip: I have no issues with the width and thickness of the grip. It felt different from the Beretta 92A1 but I have no issue pointing it. The only problem is the front side of the grip is somewhat quite sharp. As such, when I grip firmly, it kind of bites into the skin. It's different from "teeth" of a new Springfield TRP grip.

Failures: No problem feeding in the 100 or so rounds. There were 2 FTE. I will keep an eye on this. The OAL of my handloads are all somewhere between 1.255 - 1.26, so they were certainly within SAAMI specs. My powder charge were on the higher side. Cases were ejecting at angles between 4 o'clock to 7 o'clock. Is this quite normal? All of my other pistols (1911's, M&P, CZ) ejects around 3-5 o'clock.

Recoil: Felt like a +P 45ACP but firmer. I would say somewhere higher than a 357mag but lighter than a light 44 mag.

Accuracy: The G20 thrilled me in this category. I guess the trajectory of the cartridge is very flat and the performance data showed that it's close to my 357mag revolver. Below are some data at 50ft.

Load data:
  1. Bullet: MG 180gr JHP
  2. Powder: Alliant Power Pistol (8.3-8.4gr)
  3. Case: Starline
  4. Primer: Federal LP
  5. Speed: around 1150 fps

Conclusions: This is certainly a keeper and I am absolutely impressed with the cartridge, too. With deep penetration, barrier-busting abilities and high capacity, I am confident this is a good carry gun; perhaps, even suitable for fighting terrorists. :D

In my next range visit, I will test it at 25 yards.

Any thots or suggestions will be appreciated.

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