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Originally Posted by njl View Post
Actually, maybe it was Bayou Bullets where the 200gr RN had a step to it and acted like SWC in a G30. I just looked at a site that had some of the Bear Creek, and his 200gr is a RNHB design that looks like ball ammo with a deep hollow base. I wonder how much more powder that requires vs HP and why they do a hollow base rather than nose.
The S&S Casting 230 gr LRN also has a step like their 200 gr LSWC.

Both of these feed fine in my G21SF and all my other .45s. I use a lot of both of these bullets.

As to the hollow base, perhaps it helps with obturation, especially on lighter loads. I haven't used these HB bullets for 9mm or .45 but I have loaded a lot of 148 gr HBWC for .38 Special and they are extremely accurate at low velocity.

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