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First off I really do appreciate all the info, highly informative for a newbie like me, will go further into detail on some of my thoughts here momentarily.

Originally Posted by mjkeat View Post

Go w/ 5.56/.223. I ran 300 BLK for a while but ammunition is quite a bit more expensive and not as readily available. Plus it's made for shorter ranges. The system/round was originally designed to be shot out of a SBR at CQB ranges.

$1500 will get you a lot of rifle. If your budget is $1500 I would look to spend the majority of it on the AR itself. I would not recommend spending $600 on a rifle and the remaining $900 on UTG/Macko junk. I would shoot the rifle as is and figure out what you want to mount on it as you figure out what works best for you. If not the chances are you'll end up wasting money that could have been spent on ammunition and other necessities. Avoid the initial buying spree.

Look at quality, value packed options such as BCM, Daniel Defense, and Colt. These companies produce a consistantly reliable AR. You can have the piece of mind that comes w/ purchasing quality.

The ammo cost or at least the difference between 300 Blk and 5.56 would be minimal as I do reload and will soon be casting also and it helps that I have a borderline unending supply of free .223 brass which of course can be converted to 300 Blk.

I do want a quality rifle and quality optic so the 1500 is not written in stone, if it takes 1750 for instance to get the job done so I do not have to buy something again in the future and waste the initial purchase then the money is there to do so and since this is my first new gun in 4 years and shooting is pretty much my only hobby the purchase is certainly justifiable especially since the wife is onboard.

Most people shoot within these ranges. Since this would be your first rifle, you'll probably want to start at 25m.
No doubt going to take me several hundred just to get used to the feel.
I'll chime in, too. Though I'm not as experienced as others that have responded I'll share what has worked for me, especially since you remarked about optics and your vision. I agree that a 16" barrel will do what you want to do. The gun will be lighter than a 20" (now that I have both I can say that there is a significant difference) and with the considerations of your wife then it'll be more usable by her. Plenty of other responders will have brand recommendations but I do believe that you can get a good AR for under $1000. Optics-- there are those that will say do irons first and add optics later, others will say go ahead with the optics. You know your eyesight-- if a scope works better for you, go for it. I did not initially put any optics on my AR. Then I put an Eotech on it, liked it, but my astigmatism (even though it is sorta corrected by my glasses) made it a bit funky. I had/have scopes on other rifles (deer rifle, .22s) so I knew that things worked better for me when scoped. I put a scope on my recent build and will never look back. I do have irons for it, just in case.!
Some type of optic will work much better, guy who let me shoot his AR had an Eotech on it and I was hitting a small target 25m away on shot 2.

OP, generally when one has $1500 to spend, and needs an optic, I suggest spending 1/3 on the opric and 2/3 on the gun. Magnification alone is not always the fix for vision issues, and a $500 scope that does not do what you need it to do is a poor way to expand your hobby. Would you share more about your vision? Nearsighted? Astigmatism? Farsighted? Corrected with glasses or contacts? Eyes slow to focus? Cloudy vision? Floaters? Glaucoma? Diabetic vision issues?
Nasty astigmatism is the big issue along with severe light sensitivity, partially corrected by glasses. Very cloudy vision and unable to focus well, shooting irons on my Glock, I can hit a target no problem but as to exactly where I am aiming is essentially a blur along with the sights so I can hit a 8in target no problem but hitting a smaller one is essentially guesswork. It is to the point I am seriously considering putting an RMR on my G19 if I can find one to try out first.

As you can see above, there's many different thoughts on how to get into ARs, so I'll throw in my $.02

First, if your budget is $1500.00, I would first start by going through the stickied picture thread at the top of this forum, to see what sort of set-up appeals to you. Quad rail?
Pistol grip type?
BUISs? A carry handle?
M16 rifle or M4 carbine?

There are so damn many different configurations, you'll need to figure out what you want.

I myself would probably blow your entire budget on the base AR, getting something from Daniel Defense or BCM with a quad-rail and VFG (I like the DDM4-V4 myself)....plus some mags and ammo. Then over time I'd look at an Eotech or Aimpoint optic, or perhaps something magnified. Be aware, optics can be very, very expensive.
Very good idea, I will check out that thread later and post back. I hear you on the expensive optics just looking through some sites I am amazed how much they are, thats why I set a budget for the whole weapon system as opposed to individual parts of it. Thankfully I got a decent amount of Pmags on the last sale from Primary Arms so I should be good to go in that respect for some time.

Again I appreciate the time everyone took to read and respond to this and look forward to more ideas.

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