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Originally Posted by RWBlue View Post
Hard question, but here goes.
I decided on 1K of SD ammo and 10K of practice ammo for each gun. I decided on 11 magazines for gun requiring magazines. Someone said, that is a HELL of a lot of ammo. I tell them, I don't plan on surviving a conflict where I have to use my 1K of SD ammo. This is just in case the laws change and I can NEVER buy ammo again. This being said, I have never reached my goal numbers.

As for what guns to have for SHTF, I don't like your collection. This is what I would get. Then I would buy for the rest of the family. Then I would get spare parts and/or duplicates/replacements. Assuming money and desire.

For personal protection:
1. Micro CCW, (Bersa 380 fits, but I don't like 380. I would grab a micro 9.)
2. Full sized sidearm, (Glock 21SF fits, but can everyone in the family use it? And it is not in the same cartridge as the micro ccw.)
3. Rifle/carbine, (AR-15 fits depending on how it is tricked out. Remember most attacks happen between dusk and dawn.)
4. Do it all shotgun, (20 ga double barrel does not fit this role. There are several shotguns which could fit this role. I found a Remington 870 with a sidesaddle, ammo on the stock, 18.5 rifle sights and screw in modified choke is a pretty good do it all shotgun.)

Bonus points for:
5. SBR (pocket rifles are great as a multi-purpose platform. I am addicted to SBRs.)
6. Heavy long range gun (I still need a BIG heavy like a 50BMG McMillian. Your 308 is at best a medium. With the time I have to practice and my current skill set, all I have is several mediums.)

Practice tools:
1. 22lr handgun or conversion
2. 22lr rifle or conversion (Your .22lr M&P rifle fits)

1. See the "Do it all shotgun" above. Get a second of whatever and don't trick it out tactically. The full length barrel is better for flying things, but the 18.5 with modified choke is great for deer to rabbits.
2. If has been said that everything in North American can be hunted with a 30-06. I believe it is true, but not the best idea. I would suggest doing the 4 gun battery. Light=22LR (See practice gun above), Varmint=222 through 22-250, Medium 243 though 300 Weatherby Mag (the core deer cartridges), Heavy 338 through 600N (This is to keep elephants out of your yard. So far I have not had any elephant in my yard since I got my 458WM. It can also be loaded down and used for deer.)
3. Combo gun. I want a 12ga over 308. I will get one. When I need food and don't know what I will find to will be my game getter gun.
That must be a tough addiction. Does one give you the "fix" for good with plenty of ammo? Or must you continue buying more/new SBRs to temporarily pacify the addiction? The trouble is the fact that you must do more than just pay for them. I guess you reside in a state that allows them to be obtained "relatively" easily. (Maryland?)

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