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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
Yes, that was the context...what, do you think I have a stash of bodies I've hid out here personally?
Maybe in the same place you illegally dump fluids from your vehicles.
Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
And, the sheriff has bigger problems than what his deputies are doing on random internet forums. Everybody has a life outside of work, even in LE (well, I take that back...not some on here).
You do not know the cops on here. That's your first and biggest problem.

Some of these guys have had and do have issues with each other, big issues. But, when one of them has problems, personal, job, whatever, they pull together, cover each other's back during the crisis. Afterwards, sometimes, they renewed the pissing contests. But, when the SHTF, we are not alone.

You do not come across as one to rely on to cover your LE brother. You come across as being all about you, the professional MMA fighter who loves the attention in the center of the cage. You've been fighting professionally since you were a teen. How do you train as a full time professional fighter and hold down a full time LE job? What was your priority?

Why did you get into law enforcement, anyway?
Freedom has a taste to those who fight and almost die, that the protected will never know.

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