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Originally Posted by njl View Post
Are you buying direct, or through some distributor?

They don't have a web site, you just call the dude. I've bought 20,000 in the last year or so, learned about them from some guys I shoot IDPA with who have been using them for years. He USED to have a web site, now I guess he's just word of mouth?

Phone # 209.874.4322
He has a price list, I think he usually includes it in the shipment. Not sure if he can email you a copy.

Here's a thread about them from earlier this year:

Mostly good comments but one "leave message and he doesn't call back " guy.. I've had him not answer once or twice but I just try back a little later. I've placed at least 4-5 orders totaling 20,000 rounds just since last fall, no problems. I've been very happy. My mail person, not so much. LOL
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WTF?! How a cheap can an old, the old fart get?!
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