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I'll chime in, too. Though I'm not as experienced as others that have responded I'll share what has worked for me, especially since you remarked about optics and your vision. I agree that a 16" barrel will do what you want to do. The gun will be lighter than a 20" (now that I have both I can say that there is a significant difference) and with the considerations of your wife then it'll be more usable by her. Plenty of other responders will have brand recommendations but I do believe that you can get a good AR for under $1000. Optics-- there are those that will say do irons first and add optics later, others will say go ahead with the optics. You know your eyesight-- if a scope works better for you, go for it. I did not initially put any optics on my AR. Then I put an Eotech on it, liked it, but my astigmatism (even though it is sorta corrected by my glasses) made it a bit funky. I had/have scopes on other rifles (deer rifle, .22s) so I knew that things worked better for me when scoped. I put a scope on my recent build and will never look back. I do have irons for it, just in case. You will see pictures on this forum and others of 16" ARs (carbine or midlength) with scopes ranging from 1-4x all the way up to 4-12x and higher. Again, find what works for you and makes you happy. You'll shoot more if you do. Also, stick with a rifle chambered for 5.56, that way you don't have to concern yourself with ammo that will fit but you shouldn't run. At a $1500 budget you can come away with a really good AR and scope set-up that you'll be happy with for a long time. Shoot and Enjoy! (...to paraphrase Douglas Adams...)
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