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Low hanging holsters were the rage in the 50's and 60's with revolvers. (Remember Barney Fife? Seriously, the holster was common during the time period). Of course, back then police pistol whipped/sapped suspects (or shot them) and no one wanted to fight a cop in close. Guess the protests of the 60's changed that. The position of the holster migrated its way higher out of lesson's learned. Up high and tight - where you could lock your elbow down on the weapon. Guess its been so long that alot of the lessons have been forgotten.

First holster I used in law enforcement in the early 80's was a low hanging swivel revolver holster. (The Sheriff was a good ole' boy type and I was barely 21 and wanted to impress!!!) The holster didn't last my first week...

Thigh holsters in a non-tactical environment??? What was it that someone said about history and doomed to repeat it???

Just my two cents.

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