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Grimlet, I got hired on last October. Graduated the Academy in April of this year. Even seeing an officer down on a tv show or some other fictional work hurts.

I may be over sensitive, I don't know, but for me just a simple show of solidarity on a forum that may just be an empty gesture helps me cope. Just to know that someone from that family or that department MIGHT see my post gives me a little solace. We are a family, this is what I read into TBO's post. Just my opinion.

Tantrix, I was reading this for fun and really didn't want to get involved. But with the post about the fallen officers the fun evaporated.

I have no dog in this fight really, but I would like the foolishness to cease. If you agree to it I will PM you my agency email address. Email me from yours verify the information and I will let everyone know. There are people on here that can verify my status as I have mssg many and sent some a few things from my office.
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