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Originally Posted by Rich22 View Post
Being as how as I said I have no experience I am looking for advice on generally everything from basic rifle to parts to optics. In addition to the .223, 300 Blackout is also a consideration, .308 would be drastic overkill.
Don't get an AR in .223 Rem, get one in 5.56 NATO. .300BLK is nice, but due to price and availability, your first rifle should probably be in 5.56. You can add a .300BLK upper later if you choose.

We will shoot at relatively short ranges, 100% under 300m, 80% under 100m so that needs to also be factored into the equation along with the fact I have horrible vision so will likely need more magnification than normal for a given range.
Most people shoot within these ranges. Since this would be your first rifle, you'll probably want to start at 25m.

Looking at everything out the door for 1500 or less since I plan on buying enough components to send the UPS man out on workmans comp. This rifle will likely be the only one for the foreseeable future and will be shot very regularly, approx, 1 range trip a week of 100-150 rounds and that is assuming I don't want to do competition with it so it does need to last. I do not have a problem building the rifle if that is what it takes to get the job done. If there is another type of rifle that would work better than an AR please let me know. Lastly, the wife will also be shooting this, she is strong but only about 5'2 so anything huge will just not work.
$1500 should give you enough for a quality, base rifle, mags, and some ammo. The two ways I would do it would be a Colt 6920 + mags and ammo, or a S&W M&P + optic, sling, mags, and ammo. If this will just be a range item, then the second option is probably the best (for anything else, the first option wins by a mile).

On my basic research I have looked at some things that I am really leaning towards now

Vertical foregrip, tried one and was much easier

BUIS, not sure of the type but possibly the 45 angle offset that I have read about

Muzzle Break

On the .223 a 16 in barrel if going with the 300 Blackout then I will have to look up and see how much the velocity differences are between barrel lengths at the ranges I will likely shoot.
Skip the goodies until you learn how to shoot the basic rifle. Start with a quality rifle, and magazines. Get proficient with that and add then add what you need. Chances are, once you realize that you don't need a bunch of crap hanging off your gun to use it properly, you won't want to buy those things anymore.

I would not be worrying about velocities and barrel lengths. Paper doesn't know velocity. A 16" barrel is capable of doing just about anything you would want to do with the rifle. Again, I advice not to go with the .300BLK for a first rifle.
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