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I have ZERO sympathy for Walmart.

It is amazing how in this economy, where people are desparate for jobs, how so many do things like this. However, companies know this and treat employees badly. Supply vs. Demand, there is a demand for jobs that are in short supply.

Lead by example. The management treated the employees like crap, so they treat the merchandise like crap. It's a proven fact, you treat your employees like crap, so will go the way of your production.

It's these right wing nutjobs that get management positions who want to walk around going all Drill Instructor on their employees, firing people. See someone working hard, well that's what they are paid to do, so you find something negative if you can, or you just leave them alone. "Working hard, he better be". Then you want them to be all positive and put on a smile and give great customer service. It just doesn't work.
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