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The 45ACP is a great round and the Glock is a great hand gun. I carry a Glock 36.

The 40 S&W is a round that was commissioned by the FBI. They wanted a round that had the stopping power of a 125gr, 357mag with less recoil. They also wanted ten rounds and as easy to train with as a revolver. Simith & Wesson came up with the 40 S&W and a pistol that was double action only. It was offered to the FBI and they bought it.

The 5.56 was not picked by the military because of its killing power. It was designed to hurt people. Take them out of the fight and have some one look after them. It takes two to four men to take care of a man hurt and no one has to take care of a dead man. That is why they picked the 5.56 over the 7.62.

My side arm in the woods is a 44mag. Daily carry is a Glock 36. Best all around gun to do both tasks would be 3" 357 revolver.

For hunting any big game in the United States it would be hard to beat the 358 Winchester with a stiff load. It can be down loaded with 357 bullets and used for taking small game.

These are just my opinions.
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