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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
My shift isn't over for another 6 hours, but I got a few minutes to rant. I'm not Rabbi, I can't work 12 hour shifts while simultaneously hanging out on GT all day arguing semantics with everyone.

The offer was always there for him to just ask if he wanted to know, but after double-checking, one of the people asking to begin with was the OP. Ask for an ORI check, then try to stir **** in Cop Talk? If you needed any more proof as to why I don't visit here, there you I don't really care about providing anything if people are going to be dicks about it. Yet another thing that is annoying as hell about the LEO's here...they just can't stand it when they don't know something, or are being denied info. Unlike most, I don't really care about my internet 'street cred' as much as you guys do.

Thread on GT...check.

I don't know how you find the time man, seriously.

Cop Talk...the only place where you're challenged by both rookies and overweight retired detectives. You guys crack me up sometimes. Ok, back to work at my top-secret job that requires ridiculously high intelligence.
Okay! I stayed out of this until that crack. Do we know each other?
I don't believe in intuition but I have a strange feeling someday I will.

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