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Originally Posted by tantrix View Post
I wouldn't be talking about rookies when you should know that a traffic stop of any kind is automatically traffic/vehicle related...that's why it's called a traffic stop. What do people use for transportation there, spaceships??

I speed, sure. In my own vehicles and my PPV...but I don't roll stop signs unless I absolutely need to, and when I do I flash my overheads...that is no lie. And I'm talking about rolling stop signs as in barely even slowing down...not like the OP in the other thread likely got cited for, as in his wheels never stopped turning completely.

Now you're getting cold...
No. Traffic stop deaths are not traffic related unless the officer is killed by vehicle impact..

Manner of death is the benchmark...

Again you show your complete ignorance.

Blowing a stop sign and rolling it are two different things a real cop knows this...

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