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I would if you can have at least 4 magazines for each gun and the same in speed loaders.
As far as ammo you look with the .22LR and would try to up my level for the other calibers to 800 - 1000.
Shotgun shells about to 500.
You look solid on your guns and the only thing I can see you should be a .22LR rifle that is not in the tactical realm of things and even on the cheaper site of things or even a Ruger 10/22 break down model.
Sometimes less is more.
One reason I like the real cheap .22lr rifles like those $125 Mossbergs and such or some Mosin Nagant ( SP? ) surplus as it is easy to use to arm friends and neighbors and gives you the ability to give some cheap guns to the government should they decide to come around confiscating guns and ammo which could be a real possibility if you look at what happened in Luisiana NO area during Katrina.
May even want to buy a couple dirt cheap pistols for that too, Highpoints come to mind.
Also a couple of weeks of food and water would be my main concern that is way to little even with the ability to hunt.
At the very minimum you should have 3 mos of food and an alternate source of water.
Having a pool is great and all but I would not want to rely on this as my only drinkable source.
I would rather do with less guns and ammo then food and water.
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