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Originally Posted by diamondd2 View Post

Nothing toward the PSP in particular. I just cant stand that everytime some PD talks about switching calibers everyone wants to jump on the band wagon. LIke the PD is the final word on caliber. It's usually just because they got a new captain or cheif and they need to justify their job.

And come on. They are "testing" a G21 45acp? LIke the 21 or the 45acp has not been proven over an over already.
It is not only about testing the weapon for function, reliability, etc. It is important for large police agencies to test the prospective weapons with the people who will be issued same weapons. For example, the strong shooters, the weak shooters, the males with large hands, the females with small hands, patrol units, investigative units, etc. The weapon has to be a "fit" for the people using it. Not to test the weapons in this manner would be irresponsible.
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